Ethel Colman


Ethel Mary Colman a descendent of Mary Hardy, was the first female Lord Mayor 1923-4 in England. Her lady mayoress was her younger sister, Helen Caroline.

The second of Jeremiah J. Colman’s (mustard manufacturer) four daughters, Ethel was a director of a missionary society. She was one of the first women deacons at Princes’ Street, and thus one of the first in any Congregational church. Ethel was also England’s first female lord mayor (C. Binfield, ‘Church and Chapel’ in Norwich since 1550, ed. C. Rawcliffe and R. Wilson, Hambledon and London, 2004, p. 429)

Ethel, along with her sister Helen, had the pleasure wherry Hathor built in 1905, naming the boat after Alan their brother who died in 1897 on boat called Hathor whilst convalescing in Luxor.

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