Lucilla Maud Reeve

1889 – 1950

Lucilla Maud Reeve was born in Hunstanton and brought up in Tottington by her grandparents. She came from a long line of agricultural labourers; although her father was unknown, there was a suggestion he was a Lord.

Educated at the village school, Lucilla was well-read and wrote fiction, poetry and newspaper articles. She was also known to be a successful dowser.

Lucilla was a Land Agent for Lord Walsingham on the Merton Estate in Breckland before the War.

Lucilla took on the tenancy of Bagmore Farm, Stanford in 1938, at a time when farming was in the doldrums and made a success of it, but was required to leave the farm when the Army enlarged the battle area for tank training in 1942. Not wanting to leave the area, she took up residence in agricultural buildings on the edge of the battle area and carried on.

Find out more: You can borrow books about Lucilla from Norfolk Library and Information Service – Farming on a battle ground by LM Reeve, and Miss Reeve by J McLean. You can also borrow books written by Lucilla on other subjects – The pheasants had no tails, and other stories, and The earth no longer bare, and other essays. The Norfolk Heritage Centre holds two newspaper articles about Lucilla: 

EDP 1/11/1950 “Miss L. M. Reeve: former member of Wayland R.D.C” Report of her death

EDP 2/11/1950 “Mistress’s body guarded by dog: Thompson inquest on Miss L. M. Reeve” Report of the inquest

3 Responses to Lucilla Maud Reeve

  1. Anthony Waldman says:

    Wasn’t Lucilla Maud Reeve an active member of the British Union of Fascists and ran for Parliament in 1937 as a B.U.P. candidate? (see Action No 40 Nov 21, 1936). Shouldn’t this be mentioned in her biography?

    • Lee Avery says:

      The illegitimate daughter of Lord Walsingham who paid for her schooling and then gave her the position of Land Agent. She was also a fascist sympathiser and close friends with Oswald Moseley.

  2. Lee Avery says:

    She was the illegitimate daughter of Lord Walsingham and a fascist sympathiser.

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